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Habib Kazdaghli: Interview on ExpressFM

Prof. Dr. Habib Kazdaghli, Senior Member of the HISDEMAB research team, gave an interview this week on ExpressFM Tunis on the theme of democracy and pluralism on the sad occasion of the death of Gilbert Naccache (1939-2020). Gilbert Naccache belonged to one of the oldest Tunisian families. He was trained as an Agronomist Engineer. He has been working for the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture during the first decade of Independence. He was also a writer and a political leftist activist (member of the Tunisian Communist Party until 1959 and then of the leftist political movement Perspectives Tunisiennes). He was emprisoned 11 years under Pdt Habib Bourguiba and remained a dissident under Pdt Ben Ali until the 2011 Revolution. Among his publications: Vers la démocratie ?, Tunis, Mots Passants, 2011; Patchwork : textes politiques et théoriques écrits entre 1978 et 2018, Tunis, Chama, 2019, 328 p.; Qu’as-tu fait de ta jeunesse : itinéraire d’un opposant au régime de Bourguiba, 1954-1979 : suivi de récits de prison, Paris, Cerf, 2009,

Habib Kazdaghli’s Interview:

L’interview : حبيب القزدغلي أستاذ تاريخ معاصر . عودة على مسيرة الكاتب والناشط السياسي اليساري التونسي جيلبار نقاش ، وعودة على مبادرة الاتحاد العام التونسي للشغل والمتمثلة في بعث حوار وطني للخروج من الأزمة نظرا لكونه من بين الموقعيين على هذه المبادرة. #Expresso

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