Abdel Qader Amer

Abdel Qader Amer is HISDEMAB doctoral fellow at IFPO Amman. He holds a Master’s Degree in political science from The University of Jordan, and is interested in democratic transition issues. He dedicated his Master’s thesis to “The Democratic Transition in Republic and Monarchical systems in the Arab world 1991-2017: Tunisia and Morocco as a model”.

His Ph.D. at Mutah University- Jordan is dedicated to “British Colonial Authorities and Pre-existing Forms of Civic Life in Iraq (1914-1932)”.

Various levels of civic life existed in Iraq before British colonialism: deliberation, mediation, representation, opinion, collective expression. They, as well as the instances and institutions that embodied their importance in society, were inherited from the Ancient, Medieval and Ottoman periods and had been reformed during the Ottoman reforms of the Tanzimat era (1839-1876) and with the issuance of the Ottoman constitution of 1876 (Kanûn-u Esâsî), which influenced the administration and rule of the Ottoman provinces. British colonial rule played an important role in the formation of modern Iraq and the study of pre-existing forms of civic life allows shedding light on both the behaviour of the colonial administration towards local societies and on the nature and influence of the colonial propaganda stating that these societies lack the ability to govern themselves in a civilian and modern way.

Hence, the research seeks to answer the following question: How did the British colonial administration deal with the civic life forms which existed in Iraq, and how did this affect the post-colonial era?


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