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April 16, 2024: I am participating in the MECAM’s Event Week n.2 “Imagining Future” in Tunis. I’ll be part, together with Abdul Hameed El Kayyali and Nora Lafi, of a panel presenting the HISDEMAB book published in Jordan in early 2024. .

January 30, 2024: Various reviews of the book were published in the Arab Press:


‘تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية’ في المنطقة العربية | MEO (


تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين | الثقافة | وكالة عمون الاخبارية (


“تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين” (


كتاب”تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين” – عبور (


“تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين” لعدد من الباحثين (

January 14, 2024: The book Amer (Abdel Qader) El Kayyali (Abdul Hameed) Lafi (Nora) (eds.)تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين [Reflections on Political Participation in the Arab World at the Beginning of the 20th c.], Amman, Alaan Publishers, 2024, 224p. was just published

May 23-24, 2022: I participated in the international workshop The Historicity of Democracy in the Arab and Muslim worlds at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin, where I presented my draft-chapter on “Political and Administrative Decision-Making Processes Under Colonization: The National Governance Experiment During the British Mandate Over Iraq 1920-1932“.

September 17, 2021: I participated in DAVO Osnabrück in the panel “Modernizing al-Watan: Arab Experiences of Nation Building in the Early-20th Century” co-chaired by Marianne Dehnin (IEG, HISDEMAB Mainz). The title of my paper was “  A King from Abroad: Iraqi Elites’ Attitudes Towards the Coronation of King Faisal, 1921 “. My participation was online and the congress was held at Osnabrück University.

September 16, 2021: On the last day of my research trip, I went to a very fantastic and historical place in Baghdad: Diwan Alhokomah Al-Qadeem 1851-1989 (The Old Building of the Governing Council). It contains Al-Qashla Square, which witnessed the coronation of King Faisal I on August 23, 1921. After that, I went to The Baghdadi Cultural Center, which contains now various facilities (one of them is a small library) and features Al-Madares Al-Rushdeiah Al-Askareiah (Al-Rushidiya Military Schools) built in 1876, Al-I’edadiah Al-Askareiah (The Military Prep) built in 1892 and Al-Mahakem Al-Madaneiah (The Civil Courts)  from 1921.

September 15, 2021: I visited The Library of Iraq Museum in Allawi. It also contains a lot of old and new books about the history of Iraq.

August 26, 2021: I went to The Central Library of The University of Baghdad in Al-waziriyah, I consulted British documents and many books about my research project. I went there for three successive days.

August 20, 2021: I started my first field research trip to Baghdad. It was dedicated to exploring the archives. Most of my workdays in Baghdad were in Iraqi National Library and Archive in Bab Al-Mua’tham. It is a significant place if you are looking for books or archives about the modern history of Iraq; it contains thousands of documents that belong to the monarchical and republican period.

June 21, 2021: I worked today again in the Center for Documents, Manuscripts and Bilad al-Sham Studies in the University of Jordan- Amman. The Center lets me look at a wide corpus of archives about Iraq during the Ottoman and British periods. It is the most significant source for my research here in Jordan. It contains most issues of Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul Salnames, and many publications of the British National Archives, such as Records of Iraq 1914-1966 (15 Volume), Political Diaries of the Arab World: Iraq 1920–1965 (8 Volume). On this visit, my focus was to take pictures of the catalogs of the archival collections I refer to in my research.

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