Carnet de recherche: Ahlem Hajaji

June 19-20, 2021: I participated in this conference, organized by the Laboratoire du Patrimoine at Université de la Manouba, on culinary heritage with a paper on “the similarities and differences between Muslim and Jewish culinary arts in Tunisia”

شاركت اليوم في مائدة مستديرة بمناسبة مهرجان ميو في دورته ، تحت عنوان :” التراث الغذائي ” ،نظمه مخبر التراث بكلية الاداب والفنون والانسانيات بمنوبة

كانت مداخلتي بعنوان : التشابه والتمايز بين المسلمين واليهود في بعض  الأكلات التونسية

June 17-18, 2021: I interviewed, as part of my research for HISDEMAB, teachers in religious education at the Jewish School in Tunis on the themes of elections within the Jewish community and the role of women in such processes.

February 8, 2021: I presented today my research on “The local deliberative bodies of the  Jewish community in Tunis from the colonial period to the ‘Arab Spring’” within the Hisdemab internal seminar.