Carnet de recherche: Elisabeth Kimmerle

May 23-24, 2022: I participated in the international workshop The Historicity of Democracy in the Arab and Muslim worlds at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin, where I presented my draft-chapter on “Demanding Democracy from Abroad – Transnational Socialist Movements in the 1970s between Turkey and West Germany“.

December 15, 2021: I co-organized today for HISDEMAB’s internal seminar a round-table with Zeinab Azarbadegan and Tamara Maatouk on “Doctoral Research and the Question of Visual Sources

October 2021: I have been doing several weeks of archival research in Istanbul, in various locations: BOA, Beyazit State Library and Atatürk Kitaplığı mostly. In the last two months, I did archival research in Istanbul and Ankara. Milli Kütüphane in Ankara as well as Beyazıt Devlet Kütüphanesi and Atatürk Kitaplığı in Istanbul host a vast variety of historical daily newspapers and printed sources such as brochures and guidebooks for work migrants who went abroad. In the Turkish State Archive, I found some interesting governmental reports about the work migration from Turkey to West-Germany from 1961 onwards. To get more insights into the politicization and transnational practices of migrant women, I visited Kadın Eserleri Kütüphanesi ve Bilgi Merkezi Vakfı (Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation) and Tüstav (Social History Research Foundation) in Istanbul which documents the contemporary history of social movements in Turkey and abroad.

From 21 June to 2 July, 2021, I visited the State Archive in Koblenz and the Archive of Social Democracy in Bonn. The State Archive in Koblenz hosts various archival resources connected to the history of migration in West-Germany, such as governmental correspondence and reports which allow an insight into the organization of labor migration, negotiations about the politicization of migrants, and the transnational space created through migration from Turkey. In the Archive of Social Democracy, I was
particularly interested in the archival resources of the department ‘Foreign Workers’ of the trade union DGB in which among other sources the leaflets, magazines, and correspondence of various migrant organizations are documented. Through these letters, magazines, and leaflets, I can trace the political practices and strategies of migrants from the late 1960s to the 1980s.

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