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January 14, 2024: My chapter on the de-municipalization of Jerusalem under British colonial rule was just published in Amer (Abdel Qader) El Kayyali (Abdul Hameed) Lafi (Nora) (eds.)تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين [Reflections on Political Participation in the Arab World at the Beginning of the 20th c.], Amman, Alaan Publishers, 2024, 224p.

March 1, 2023: I participated in the podcast Jerusalem Unplugged with other contributors to the special issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly entitled “Jerusalem’s Interrupted Futures”. You can listen to it here:

January 27, 2023: I was informed today that the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has awarded me a Consolidator Grant for my project entitled “Futures Interrupted: social pluralism and political projects beyond coloniality and the nation-state”. This five-year project” will focus on the period between the end of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the age of nations in the Arab World. Spanning from today’s Algeria to the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula, the research to be developed in this collective project will concentrate on paths not taken and on unimplemented plans that had been devised by local actors from the 1830s until the 1960s. This interstitial moment in history was especially rife with alternative imaginaries and approaches to political community, many of which lay beyond the nation-state and articulated belonging and citizenship in different ways. 

January 10, 2023: A special issue of Endowment Studies that I coordinated with Valentina Napolitano & Pauline Piraud-Fournet was published today. It is entitled “Charity, Relief and Humanitarianism in the Middle East” and is available here: It includes my article “Jerusalem’s Ottoman Municipality: an Actor in the Slow Transition from Communal Charity to Social Welfare?”

December 28, 2022: The special issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly that I coordinated was published today. Focusing on  “Jerusalem’s Interrupted Futures”, it includes contributions by Harris Ford, Semih Gökatalay, Michelle U. Campos, Yair Wallach, Julio M. Cirujano, Ilan Pappé, Vincent Lemire, Maria Chiara Rioli, Maissoun Sharkawi, Jawad Dukhgan and myself. It proposes a reassessment of the city’s past that is attentive to the schemes and ideas that were under discussion or in preparation during the late Ottoman, Mandate and Jordanian periods. It is entirely open access and available here :

September 12, 2022: I presented a paper entitled “History & Memory in Artâs: a Palestinian village between providence and heritage, 19th and 20th century” in the framework of DOT Berlin 2022 in a session on
“Crossed memories and ambiguous regimes of historicity: debating the public use of history”, organized by Nora Lafi, Ulrike Freitag and Habib Kazdaghli. 

May 23-24, 2022: I participated in the international workshop The Historicity of Democracy in the Arab and Muslim worlds at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin, where I presented my draft-chapter on “Colonial Contingencies: the Political Marginalisation of the Municipality of Jerusalem under the British Mandate“.

June 18-19, 2022: I co-organized an international workshop of the HISDEMAB project in Amman, Jordan, where we had important discussions about historicity and democracy. 

May 5, 2022: My new book was just published:

Naïli (Falestin)La Palestine entre patrimoine et providence: Imaginaires bibliques et mémoire du village d’Artâs (XIXe-XXe siècles), Paris, Karthala, 2022, 400p.

September 22, 2021: I participated today in the Podcast Jerusalem Unplugged, on the theme of the history and historicity of the municipality of Jerusalem.

May, 7, 2021: I’m launching today, together with Pauline Koetschet, Najla Nakhlé-Cerruti and Candice Raymond a call for papers for a thematic issue of the Journal of the IFPO, the Bulletin d’études orientales. The theme is “Constituting archives in the Middle East yesterday and today: legitimacy, materiality, temporality” (also en français)

February 8, 2021: I presented today my research on “Colonial Contingencies: the Political Marginalisation of the Municipality of Jerusalem under the British Mandate” within the HISDEMAB internal seminar online. (Picture:

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