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January 14, 2024: My chapter on political participation in Tunisia was just publised in Amer (Abdel Qader) El Kayyali (Abdul Hameed) Lafi (Nora) (eds.)تأملات حول المشاركة السياسية في المنطقة العربية مطلع القرن العشرين [Reflections on Political Participation in the Arab World at the Beginning of the 20th c.], Amman, Alaan Publishers, 2024, 224p.

December 15, 2023: I participated today in the conference: “Mohammed -Salah Mzali (1896-1984): la Tunisie du Makhzen à l’état national”at the Académie tunisienne des lettres, des sciences et des arts Beït al-Hikma . I presented a paper on “La position du parti communiste tunisien face au gouvernement Mzali”.

August 25, 2023: Leaders published today my article, Mémoire plurielle d’Hammamet: Ressusciter les multiples richesses du passé pluriel de la ville.

August 11, 2023: Leaders published today my article, Abdelkader Fahem, la passion d’un tunisien pour l’Afrique subsaharienne.

May 13, 2023:

My testimonies on France24 TV and IFM Radio as a witness of the attack against the Griba Synogogue in Jerba

Tunisie : fusillade meurtrière aux abords de la synagogue de la Ghriba à Djerba, un témoin raconte – France 24

May 4, 2023:

An article in University World News about the controversy I am involved in following my participation in the Paris conference:

April 18, 2023:

April 17, 2023: some articles about the debates opened by my participation in the Paris conference:

April 17, 2023: Interview sur France24 suite à la polémique ouverte par ma participation au colloque de Paris

تونس: لماذا كل هذا الجدل حول ندوة في باريس؟ – حدث اليوم (

April 16-18, 2023: I’ll be in Paris for the conference of the SHJT: Les Juifs et le droit en Tunisie: du protectorat à l’indépendance (1881-1956)

April 4, 2023: Interview: “Montrer tous les fragments de la belle mosaïque Tunisie” (L’éclaireur, 19, 2023, p.47-49)

August 14, 2022:

March 26, 2022: L’Humanité Magazine published today my article (pdf) on the March 26, 1952 Colonialist Coup in Tunisia

November 20, 2021: The book Histoire de la mémoire: traumatisme de la mémoire et thérapie de l’histoire; which I edited, has just been published:

November 18, 2021: I was interviewed today on Express FM on the issue of the History of Human Rights

November 11, 2021: I was interviewed today on Cap FM on the issue of the history of the Tunisian Left under French colonial occupation:

November 3, 2021: I participated today in Belgrade in a conference on the history of memory.

September 16, 2021: I was interviewed today by L’Humanité on the theme of the fate of the democratic process in Tunisia:

May 5, 2021: I was interviewed today on Diwan FM Tunis on the theme of Democracy, the Constitution and Parliamentarism:

April 6, 2021: Olfa Belhassine published today in La Presse de Tunisie an interview with me on the subject of the history of the Left in Tunisia: “Reconstruire la belle mosaïque de l’histoire de la gauche“.

April 4, 2021: I published today in the online newspaper Leaders a tribute to historian Ali Mtimet (1937-2020) (Co-author of La préhistoire en Tunisie et au Maghreb and of the Atlas préhistorique de la Tunisie.

March 26, 2021: I just published an article about the conference and exhibition on the Centenary of the Communist movement in Tunisia (1921-2021) that I co-organized with the Cinémathèque de Tunis.

More info: Centenaire du mouvement communiste en TunisieLeaders, 25.3.2021

Poster of the conference

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