Carnet de recherche: Nora Lafi

October 21, 2021: I served tofday as a discussant in the “Book Launch & Conversation: The Muslims of Latin America and the Caribbean“.The moderator was Claudia Derichs (Humboldt Universität Berlin). We discussed Ken Chitwood ‘s (Freie Universität Berlin) book, together with Andrea Miranda (Freie Universität Berlin).

October 1, 2021: Still in Venice, for the Annual Stato da Mar Conference, with a paper on the historicity of the concept of republic between Venice and the Orient

September 29, 2021: I’m in Venice today for a conference of the DFG network “Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics
of a World Region 1800-2000″, chairing a session on Trans-Mediterranean Networks.

The full programme of the conference is here:

To attend in Venice: An Archipelago of Connectivity: Port-Cities, Hinterlands, and Islands in the Modern Mediterranean (27-29 September 2021) | H-Mediterranean | H-Net

July 21 and 22, 2021: Again at ANOM today, with highly interesting documents on the transformation of local deliberative practices under French colonial occupation in Algeria.

July 20, 2021: Today was a crucial day for my archival research on deliberative processes in the Arab world. At the Archives nationales d’Outre-Mer in Aix-en-Provence in found the documents I was looking for on deliberation in Algerian local Jama’a during the period of French colonial occupation (here in 1917). These documents will no doubt constitute one the of core elements of my future book on the subject.

July 15, 16 and 19, 2021: I explored the archival resources of the Archives Municipales de Marseille, mostly reading reports sent by local merchants about the way cities of North-Africa were governed in Ottoman times.

July 13, 2021: I was today at the Archives Départementales in Marseille, working on the question of Jewish communal representation and consultation in a French colonial context in North-Africa

July 2, 2021: A new day of research at the National Archives of Tunisia on the theme of the historicity of processes of election and deliberation, together with HISDEMAB fellow Ahlem Hajaji.

July 1, 2021: I presented today the HISDEMAB research programme at the Laboratoire du Patrimoine (Université de la Manouba) in Tunis. The event was half in real-life, half online.

الى أعضاء مخبر التراث 

نظر للوضعية الصحية الصعبة التي نعيشها  فاننا  نخير أعضاء المخبر من أساتذة باحثين وطلبة  بين الحضور الى الكلية للاجتماع  مباشرة مع الزميلية نورة اللافي التي ستتولى تقديم المشروع المشترك حول تاريخ الديمقراطية المحلية في العالم العربي كما نقترح على الذين يتعذر عليهم الحضور متابعة الاجتماع بواسطة رابط الزوم الموجود أسفله بدية من الساعة الثالثة بعد الزوال.
تحياتي للجميع مع التوصية بالحذر واحترام القةاعد الصحية.مدير مخبر التراث حبيب القزدغلي

June 30, 2021: I presented today my research on Libya (“De Tripoli à Tunis, d’Istanbul à l’EUR et de Vincennes à Kew Gardens: questions d’archives, de problématisation et de méthode pour la recherche historique sur la Libye” in Tunis (Archives Nationales) as part of a methodological seminar organized by Neila Saadi (IRMC)

IRMC posted the video of this lecture:

June 28-29, 2021: In Tunis, at the National Archives of Tunisia, for my research on elective processes during the Ottoman era

June 24, 2021: I participated today in the CBC radio-show Ideas. The show, hosted by Naheed Mustafa, was dedicated to Ibn Khaldun. The Podcast is available here

June 20, 2021: I participated today in a conference organized by the University of Tobruk (Research and Scientific Studies Center) (Libya), on the theme of “Parliamentary Elections in Libya: Historical Origins, Organisation and Difficulties (1921-1952)”. My paper was entitled: “Methodological Reflections on the Study of Democracy in the Arab and Islamic Worlds: Longue Durée Questionings on the Libyan Elections of 1921”.

June 18, 2021: I participated tonight in a Panel Discussion on “Das Erbe des arabischen Frühlings, Arabellinnen und cross- oder transregionale Dynamiken“, part of the series Wissenschaftsfestival Globe21 #Bordercrossingsolidarities, at Universität Leipzig.

June 18, 2021: I presented today a paper entitled “Whose Heritage? The Persisting Ambiguities of the Heritagization of Colonial Architecture in the Middle East and North Africa” in the international conference Architectures of Colonialism. Constructed Histories, Conflicting Memories organized by BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, DFG Research Training Group 1913 “Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings”.

April 7, 2021: I attended today a superb online seminar organized by Abdul-Hameed al-Kayyali (IFPO Amman) and Amer Al-Hafi (RIIFS). Muhamed Mufaku Al-Arnaut (ISO- Kosovo) (author in 1994 of a seminal article on Islam in Bosnia) presented his research on Şemseddin Sami Frashëri (1850-1904) around the question of secularism, religion and national pluralism in the Ottoman Empire.

January 22, 2021: I presented today a lecture on “Hisba Handbooks in Ottoman Tunis: Religious Guides to Urbanity?” in the framework of the international conference Religious Guides to Urbanity organized by Martin Christ & Emiliano Urciuoli at Universität Erfurt (Max Weber Kolleg).

January 5, 2021: I presented today a lecture on “Interpreting Hisba. An Intellectual History” in the framework of the seminar on Intellectual history organized by Benjamin Steiner at Universität Erfurt (Forschungszentrum Gotha)

December 22, 2020: Thanks to an invitation by Habib Kazdaghli, I participated today in a seminar on the theme «France – Algérie, les blessures de l’histoire» [France-Algeria, the wounds of history], organized by Vasily Kuznetsov, director of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAS RAS, Moscow) around Benjamin Stora on the occasion of the writing of his report on this theme for French President Macron. Benjamin Stora’s lecture and the following discussion are available online.

October 14, 2020: In this period of forced cancellation of all research trips abroad due to the pandemic, I took an early train today from Berlin to Gotha in order to work on some Arabic manuscripts at the Forschungsbibliothek. I discovered this marvellous place during my fellowship at Max Weber Kolleg Erfurt (Jan-Sept. 2020). Of course I can’t wait to travel again to cities like Tunis, Cairo and Istanbul, among others, and do there the archival research I planned for this programme, but being among manuscripts from the region in Gotha was already for me, after months of travel impossibility a source of great joy.

Due to important renovation works in the tower of the castle, some Arabic manuscripts are not available for the moment. For these specific documents, the library provides microfilms.